Dashlane is a cross-platform password management tool and digital wallet which specially designed for handling Passwords, Payments, Personal info and secure sharing of important documents.

Dashlane Features

Easily save passwords, Personal data and Fill forms
We all get bored when we had to fill online forms and setting up and remembering passwords, usernames etc. Sometimes we may forget the usernames and passwords of websites we do not use daily. In this case Dashlane comes in to action. Dashlane automatically saves your Personal information, Payment details, Usernames, Passwords and fill out forms in matter of seconds.

Password Generator
We need strong passwords to increase the security of our accounts. These strong passwords contain mix alphanumeric characters, symbols, Capital and Simple letters which makes us difficult to remember and harder to make such password which we can remember. So Dashlane gives us a Password Generator tool to create such unique passwords and store it for us.

Secure Important Documents
Dashlane won't let your important doucments in wrong hands. Dashlane helps you to encrypt personal notes, documents and secure them. So this keeps your sensitive information safe.

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